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Day 1

  • Meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk. Transfer to the village of Barangol.
  • Accommodation in a guest house (facilities in a separate sanitary block).
  • Rafting on the Katun River 4 hours with a visit to the Kamyshlinsky waterfall.

Day 2

  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Travel along the Chuysky tract. The journey will begin along the oldest route of Altai — the Chuysky tract. Its history goes back centuries. This road was once a pack trail, a branch of the Great Silk Road, the “Chinese Road,” as it was called. Currently, this is the main transport artery of the Altai Mountains, which has preserved numerous traces of the peoples who lived here. Seminsky Pass — Dyal-Menku («Eternal Mountain») 1894 m above sea level — the highest point of the Chuisky tract.
  • The next pass on our way is Chike-Taman (“Flat Sole”). The height of the pass is 1460 m, but due to its steepness it seems much higher. Throughout the Chuisky tract there are a huge number of interesting places to explore: the Katun terraces, the Yaloman settlement, the Tsaplina suspension bridge, stone sculptures, rock paintings, mounds, the confluence of the Chuya and Katun, the Katun and Chui boms, the Kalbak-Tash sanctuary, the White Bom.
  • Legends, traditions, historical and archaeological facts, ethnographic details in addition to unusually picturesque natural resources.

Day 3

  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Altai Mars. Lunar landscapes. Geyser Lake.
  • We continue to move along the Chuysky tract and after a moment a magnificent picture of snow-white peaks and sparkling glaciers opens in front of us — a panorama of the North Chuysky proteins.
  • A small move across the Kurai steppe, and we are on another planet. The sonorous name «Altai Mars» was assigned to these places, and all because the valleys of the Kyzylchin and Chagan-Uzun rivers can rightfully be considered real natural reserves of the modern history of the mountains. Rocks of different time eras are quite well exposed here, which makes it possible to inspect and study them.
  • Walk to Geyser Lake, which will reveal your riddles and possibly reveal the secrets of your future.

Day 4

  • Moving to Barangol village.
  • Transfer to the airport.

NOTE: the program is individual and is calculated separately for each group.
The cost depends on the number of people in the group and the season.

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